Maine Marketing Association Acquire Two Websites

Our team at the Maine Marketing Association are always looking to expand our reach in order to get in front of new visitors. Typically this means expanding the content on our personal website, but sometimes we will have the opportunity to partner up with websites with similar ideologies. In the past few months we were contacted by two separate marketing education organizations, Stripped Bare Media and the New England New Media Association.

Both of these websites have a history with teaching their visitors about the new trends in business and in marketing. It is important for us to only open discussions with websites that we believe have a similar culture to us. And luckily both of these websites were a perfect match! After speaking with their owners we decided it would be a perfect opportunity for us to acquire both of their websites. The two websites we have acquired are and

We believe this will help us grow our user base and help reach more readers from around the world. We look forward to getting to meet our new visitors from these new websites. We know that you will learn a lot from our articles, our free webinars, and our in person marketing events. Please feel free to visit our about us and contact page to learn more about our mission and our history. We look forward to hearing from you!

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