What Is Hubspot

It probably doesn’t come as a huge shock that the Maine Marketing Association absolutely love Hubspot!  We find their tools absolutely essential for running our own business, attempt to educate the local community, and help businesses around the world make the correct choice for their business tools.

Throughout the years of using Hubspot we came to the conclusion that most business owners may have heard of Hubspot but don’t actually know what it is.  More importantly they don’t know how Hubspot can help their business.  But don’t worry, that is the exact reason we are writing this guide!

We know how beneficial Hubspot can be for most businesses, and we want to help our readers make an educated decision on whether or not Hubspot would be a good fit for them.  So to learn more about what Hubspot is, and who it is a good option for, then please continue to read on.


What Is Hubspot And How Can It Help?

Hubspot can be considered the all-in-one inbound marketing and sales tool.  It is designed to help throughout the entire customer sales journey from the attraction of customers, the evaluation of leads, and finally the closing of leads.  With their wide variety of tools you are able to create and host web pages, create blog content, manage email marketing, manage social media marketing, manage customer relations, and much more all while receiving in-depth user behavior and success analysis.

I know it sounds like a lot of tools (because it is) but that’s a good thing!  This is the one software that has you covered no matter what you need.  And best of all is how simple they make everything to use.

If you only need a few of these tools and not other tools, then you can buy the “hubs” that you need separately.  All though if you purchase the entire package then all of the tools will combine seamlessly.  This will connect throughout your entire business from the sales, marketing, and support departments.

What Is The Hubspot Marketing Hub?

Whatever business tools you need for your marketing campaigns, Hubspot probably has you covered.  Hubspot’s professional tools will help you reach new customers as well as stay connected with your existing customers.  The Hubspot Marketing Hub fully embraces the inbound marketing ideology to help you create content that your potential customers are seeking and then convert them into customers.

What Tools Are Included In The Hubspot Marketing Hub?

The marketing hub has all the tools you need to take your inbound marketing to the next level and really stand out from the crowd of competition.

  • Email marketing campaigns & sequences
  • Customizable landing pages & web page builders
  • Social media management
  • Search Engine Optimization tools
  • User behavior analysis tools
  • Customer success analysis tools
  • Blog content creation tools
  • Marketing automation tools

What Is The Hubspot CRM Hub?

Hubspot is known for their ultimate customer relation management (CRM) tool.  If business owners have heard of Hubspot, then this CRM hub is most likely what they think of.  The CRM tool allows you to track and keep leads organized throughout the entire sales process.

Instead of wasting time using a spreadsheet and risking losing leads, you can trust this free CRM tool to keep everything organized.  This is one of the first things that I recommend a business who is interested in Hubspot to try out.  This is the ultimate tool and it’s completely free!

What Can The Hubspot CRM Be Used For?

You can trust Hubspot to make the entire customer journey much easier for you and your team.

  • Organize customer contact information
  • Track customer activity
  • Provide a pipeline visualization
  • Allow real-time chat options with potential customers & prospects
  • Sync with Gmail, Outlook, and other tools you currently use
what is hubspot crm

What Is The Hubspot Sales Hub?

Hubspot will allow your sales department to accurately organize and track prospects throughout the entire pipeline.  Your sales team will spend less time keeping track of data and more time interacting with potential customers.  The ease and simplicity of using the Hubspot sales hub was one of the first things I noticed.  Of all of the CRM’s I have used in the past, our sales department has benefited from the Hubspot the most.

How Can The Hubspot Sales Hub Help?

Help you sales team streamline the entire process and drastically improve their output.

  • Research based email templates
  • Email campaign and follow up sequences
  • Prospect pipeline visualization
  • Prospect pipeline analysis
  • Customer meetup & call scheduling tool
  • Free customer calling tool

What Is The Hubspot Service Hub?

Hubspot makes customer service their top priority for their own business, and they believe every business should do the same.  That is why they have created the Hubspot Service Hub to allow customer service departments all around the world to connect with their customers on a deeper level.  Customer relationships should always be on the forefront of a businesses mind, and the service hub allows you to manage these relationship which typically leads to happy customers!

How Can The Hubspot Service Hub Help?

Prepare yourself to experience an unmatched level of customer interaction that has been proven to increase the likelihood of customer referrals.

  • Customer feedback acquisition tool
  • Support ticket management system
  • Customizable customer live chat system
  • AI powered customer conversation bot
  • A complete resource of customer relationship success strategies

This may seem like a huge list of different tools throughout the different hubs, but it is important to remember that there are a variety of different subscription packages.  So when you look through the packages make sure to double check that the package contains your desired hubs.

A Real World Example Of What Hubspot Can Do

In order to give you a better idea of how powerful Hubspot is and how well the hubs sync together lets go through a scenario.

Let us meet Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is a potential customer for your business and we will see exactly how Hubspot can benefit your business.

  1. Jeffrey happens to stumble upon a blog post that you just wrote about your industry. (Marketing Hub)
  2.  He loved the content and decided to join your email newsletter to learn more. (Marketing Hub)
  3.  Hubspot tracks all of Jeffery’s activity on your website and makes it easy for you to analyze. (CRM)
  4.  You routinely send Jeffrey the helpful emails that he was hoping for. (Marketing Hub)
  5.  Hubspot is able to send Jeffrey’s contact information over to your sales department to treat as a potential lead. (CRM)
  6.  Your sales department is able to reach out to Jeffrey via email and phone number and let him know more about your product. (Sales Hub)
  7.  Jeffrey liked the information you have been sending him and has decided to schedule a demo to learn more about your products and his business. (Sales Hub)
  8.  Jeffrey loves the demo and decides to make a purchase. (Sales Hub)
  9.  A little while later Jeffrey gets a follow up email to learn how his purchase experience went and how the product is working for him. (Service Hub)
  10.  he is able to easily reach out to your service department and live chat in order to get all of his questions answered. (Service Hub)
  11.  Jeffrey was able to get all of his questions answered and loves the high quality customer support, so he starts recommending your products online.  (Service Hub)
  12.  His friends take his recommendation and end up on your website to check out your products.  This is where the cycle will start over again.

This is a great example of inbound marketing because it puts an importance on creating great content that has the potential customer seeking you.  Instead of your sales team making cold email and cold phone calls.  Hubspot believes that every company should use the inbound marketing methodology because it provides the customers with the best possible experience.

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